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Volunteer Duty Requirements and Job Descriptions


It takes over 200 volunteer hours to conduct a swim meet!  The Piranhas Swim Team is successful because of volunteers like you.  Thank you in advance!


  • For each Piranha swimmer, an adult must sign up and fulfill one volunteer shift over the course of the season. For example, if you have 2 swimmers, you must volunteer two times.
  • Refusal to fulfill the volunteer jobs will result in the swimmer being removed from the meet.
  • If you are unable to fulfill the job you have volunteered for, you must make arrangements with the team's volunteer coordinator (Brooke Bernherdt or Erin Hubbard) in advance.
  • The Board reserves the right to change your volunteer responsibility at the time of the meet based on the need to fill all positions.


  • Event Sign Flipper:

The Event Sign Flipper sits by the event numbers and changes them as each event occurs so that the event showing is current. The flipper also sends out event info during the meet using the SWIMTOPIA APP. Please have this app installed on your phone PRIOR TO ARRIVING FOR YOUR SHIFT!

  • Back Up Timer:                        

The Back Up Timer stands near the team lanes. The Back Up Timer operates 2 stop-watches for back-up in case a Timer has a malfunction. You must start the stop-watches with every race and watch for any Timers who might signal for help by raising their hands. When needed, quickly exchange one of your stop-watches for theirs. 

  • Timers:

There are 2 Timers per lane who occupy the outside seats. Both Timers will time all relays, medleys, and races longer than 25 yards. Both Timers will time the 1st heat of every 25 yd event. When chase starts begin with the 2nd heat of each 25 yd event, the Timers will alternate which swimmer they are timing.  One Timer will be responsible for the 1st, 3rd, 5th swimmer, and the other Timer will be responsible for the 2nd, 4th, 6th swimmer. Decide who is “odd” and who is “even” before the 25 yd events begin. Please communicate with each other if you lose track.

Familiarize yourself with the operation of the stop-watch. Be sure the Scribe sitting next to you has recorded the time correctly before you clear the stop-watch. If you have a stop-watch malfunction, raise your hand immediately to get the attention of the Back Up Timer who operates 2 control stop-watches for Timer backup.

  • Scribes:

There is 1 Scribe per lane who occupies the middle seat who is responsible for accurately recording all the information requested on the time card for each race. The current event number is displayed in blue to your left near the Data Entry table. The upcoming event number is displayed in yellow. Also add the lane number to the time card. When each card is complete and your Ribbon Writer has the data they need, place it in your card basket for the Runners to collect.

  • Ribbon Writers:

There is 1 Ribbon Writer per lane who stands behind the chairs occupied by the Timers and Scribe. You will wear a “tool belt” which holds colored ribbons for places 1st thru 8th when we are at the West U Rec Center and 1st thru 6th when we are at an opposing team’s pool. You are responsible for watching all lanes to determine in which place the swimmer in your lane finishes. It's your best guess and does not affect the standings.  Take the appropriate ribbon and record their time (from the Scribe’s time card) and the event number on their ribbon. Every swimmer gets a ribbon including all 4 swimmers in the relays. The swimmer's time is the most important one to record. If a swimmer loses the ribbon, please give them another one.

  • Runners:

Usually there are 2 Runners (1 per team) per shift who are responsible for collecting the time cards from the Scribes/Ribbon Writers after each heat and delivering them to the Data Entry table.

  • Stroke Judges:

Stroke judges must have stroke judge training and be available for multiple meets. Please contact a board member or Coach Tim for more information and to volunteer for this job.

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